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Our Story

Founded in February of 2011, by Troy Jones (Owner and Operations Manager), TJM, has been bringing a more personal touch to traditional remodeling, and has been reshaping the way that clients will view remodeling, as a whole, for over 10 years.


When originally creating TJM, Founder and Owner, Troy Jones had a vision to change the traditional process of remodeling work, and make the process contain less outside companies, and be a stress free and more comfortable process for their​ clients, overall.


Steering away from the typical process of a remodeling/construction project, Jones wanted to provide his clients with a set group of contractors that could complete an entire project, from design to finish, provide clients with familiar, friendly faces and make them more comfortable while the project was being done.


Over time, TJM has grown to great lengths to be able to provide their clients with products and services that TJM can truly stand behind. TJM focuses on setting a standard of quality for all of their projects, from cabinets, countertops, flooring, to design and space planning, TJM has their clients covered from design to completion.





TJM demonstrates the importance of their clients by providing comfortable and stress free service from design to completion, in order to improve the over experience of all remodeling projects.



TJM will provide excellence in remodeling, by creating genuine consumer-client connections, and provide stress free service to meet the overall needs of our clients, all while putting emphasis on client importance and knowledge.



As a company that operates off of a client-focused system, TJM places a significant emphasis on our company's core-values, providing exceptional, comfortable, and stress free service with a focus on quality, integrity, reliability, and commitment to each and every project, from design to completion.

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